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It begins with being present and leads to your dreams.

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Life is a healing journey


of the awakening heart.


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Live your purpose...    Live from your heart...    Make your best choices now ...

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Life is a healing journey of the awakening heart.

Healing arises from presence and love; simply being present inside ourself, in our heart; opening to the Divine presence inside us.

Understanding, Compassion, Willingness

We are awakening. We seek healing for ourselves and others. We are willing to release our limitations and undergo the challenging and joyous transformation into living from love.

Pain, Fear, Confusion / Clarity, Fulfillment, Magic

We invite the Divine to shine the healing light of love upon us; to touch our pain with love and understanding, move us through fear and confusion into clarity, fulfillment and magic.

To be of service is my heart’s desire.

Like many at this time, I have been given the gift of surrendering to Divine love to bring forth healing and insight to assist others; release physical pain, assist healing from illness and surgery, clarify your life’s unique purpose and guide you into living it.

Supporting each other.

I deeply desire to assist as many people as I can, so I am moving to be available full-time as a healer. I do request payment for my time to support my life. I also host free events so that all may share the benefit.

My Commitment to You

I will be a loving guide, walk with you side by side, unwavering in my dedication to your awakening, happiness and fulfillment of your life’s purpose. This is my passion. This is my purpose.

My prayer is to be kind and loving to everyone at all times.