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In our session we will be taking a journey together; following our breath, aligning our energy, connecting into a deep presence.


I align with the fundamental harmonic resonance of the universe, and focus it through my body and heart, and channel it to you as a stream of loving energy that bathes your body and penetrates the cellular memory of pain and stress, releasing pockets of held emotion and dis-ease, assisting in the restoration of your body’s natural blueprint of healthy functioning, calming the mind, reducing emotional distress, assisting you to forgive, and more.


On your behalf, I receive guidance that is simple, potent, and uniquely inspired by your needs. Your healing sessions will support you to be present in your heart more deeply, helping you to access your own intuition, clarity and love.

Soul Guide

One on one guidance and support for the dedicated seeker.


Insatiable hunger in your heart? Can’t quite feel your feet on the ground? Have a sense of being split between 2 worlds? Find yourself feeling or speaking with a new awareness but the people around look at you like you have 2 heads? Physical sensations that are not explained through modern medicine?


I recognize these experiences and many more as normal, meaningful and valuable on the path of your spiritual awakening. Each moment, each life situation, presents us with the opportunity to go deeply into our inner world, recognize where we are not healed, and shine the light of love. I will walk you through these powerful moments to feel safer and clearer, to enable you to heal and move forward on your personal journey.


Fees are determined on an individual basis.

Soul Reading and Energy Medicine Healing


60 minute session $90

Rick Copeland

Your Soul Speaks…  I Listen!

You can always choose to be loving.

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Available in person, by phone or Skype

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Let me help you hear what your soul wants you to know...

Your life’s purpose, Your best choices now, Forgive yourself and others, Understand your life circumstances, Overcome your fears, Live from your heart, and more...

Soul Reading: Your Soul Speaks…  I Listen!


20 minute session $35


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